About us

We strive to empower artists for they in turn can entertain the whole wide world!

Artists, performing and non-performing, of great talent and abilities, go unnoticed due to the lack of exposure and resources and the failure to collaborate with other talents. The market value of arts and the shortage of funds are the challenges constantly faced by the existing art groups and organisations. Geographical isolation happens to be another major difficulty towards reaching the potential audience.

To tackle the obstacles of the arts and entertainment industry, we have ventured into building an ecosystem that would enable individuals and organisations to thrive and establish themselves. We are committed to empower performing and non-performing artists and organisations to network, create, and advance. On a single platform, we enable intercultural, intergenerational, and cross-industry collaborations both locally and internationally.

We believe artists can encompass the power of creation to transform the world, and thus, we aim to make the process of talent portrayal and discovery easy and convenient.

Arts & Entertainment Information Network (AEIONE) is a technology-driven organisation that aims at building a cooperative work environment through active participation and constant skill enhancement. A company of ElephantGod Enterprises, AEIONE directed towards building innovative and pioneering solutions for the progress of the art community.

Our flagship product, One Page Spotlight, offers a platform for artists, recruiters, influencers, and aficionados to realise the goal of bringing the art community closer while expanding its reach beyond geographical boundaries. We provide a toolkit and the vital resources for aspiring students, amateurs, professionals, and businesses in the creative community to showcase their talent and monetize creative practice.

We have a penchant for adopting new technologies and actively encourage our people to give back to the tech community, using some of the latest tools and techniques related to high volume web and app development.