One page spotlight

An ecosystem for the Arts & Entertainment industry

What is the product?

One Page Spotlight is an endeavour towards bringing the art community together. We aim at bridging the gap between deserving talent and their prospective recruiters by overcoming lack of opportunities, scarcity of resources, and geographical isolation. One Page Spotlight is a social platform for artists of all forms to express the love for their craft and attract endless opportunities.

Why is it needed?

Nothing should stand between you and your goal, which is why One Page Spotlight offers you an audience for your work, tools for professional growth, opportunities to monetize and collaborate across industries, resources to learn more; all of this on a single platform.

How is it different ?

Feeds designed, categorised, and curated into multimedia channels/ playlists/ albums/ blogs/ publications/ communities of personal and professional interests for better audience engagement


A novel social media feature for the Arts & Entertainment industry to identify talent and increase visibility of artists


A quantitative measure of critic ratings and audience appreciation of an artist’s work to determine their value, provide more opportunities, and gain recognition

The perfect opportunity to get discovered is here. Don’t miss out on the multidimensional experience of One Page Spotlight.